Meet the Innkeepers of the Bluefish B&B, your Vacation Getaway on Cape Cod

Your hosts Tim O'Brien and Lori Schiraga. Both have a long history in the hospitality industry. Tim's long history in the kitchen began in California where he was born and lived until recently moving to Cape Cod. His experience as an Executive and Pastry Chef, working for the famous Michell Richard's Citronell in Santa Barbara, has afforded him years of experience with fine foods. Tim's amazing creations always delight and astound his guests in any restaurant he works.

At the Bluefish, Tim creates memorable pastries, delightful breads, and eye opening breakfast creations. Tim's love of travel, cooking, fishing and the great outdoors makes him a perfect fit for Cape Cod and this Bed & Breakfast experience.

"the breakfasts were delicious – amongst the best on our trip"

Lori was born and raised on Cape Cod and after graduating high school moved to Santa Barbara where she and Tim met. After working in restaurants, non-profits and living in Santa Barbara for 15 years, she and Tim are living their dream of owning and running their own Bed & Breakfast on Cape Cod.

Lori's history in the service industry along with many years working for a non-profit environmental law firm, and her mediation experience, both in Santa Barbara and Cape Cod, gives her the experience to operate a well managed, gracious, guest oriented Bed & Breakfast.

Her appreciation of fine dining, world travel and antiques, coupled with her love of animals, shopping and the great outdoors make Lori a wonderful host for your Cape Cod Bed & Breakfast experience.

Lori, Tim and Tye look forward to welcoming you to their home.

Kona, Founding Inn Keeper and friend forever!