exterior side of building in the snow neon bar sign sucked raw oysters on ice beer tap handles

A Locals Favorite Cape Cod Restaurant Guide

We live here year round, and one of us grew up here, so yes, we are locals.  Often during breakfast we are  asked what our favorite restaurant is, where the locals eat or where a chef eats.  The list below is our attempt to begin to answer these questions. Remember, Cape Cod has many restaurants, the list below only includes some. When you are our guests we are happy to provide more details on each restaurant or offer additional options based on what you are looking for.   

Waterfront Restaurants in our area, some fancy, others casual

Cape Cod sophisticated restaurants in an adult/quieter atmosphere 

Great Cape Cod restaurants with fresh, creative menus and an upbeat lively atmosphere

Other Cape Cod Restaurants with simple, some say approachable, menus. All are family friendly, may accept reservations for large groups.